I am currently working on a monograph with provisional title: The Countercultural Case of  Wally Hedrick. For more about the artist see Wally Hedrick Wikipedia entry and his official Estate webpage.

I was awarded the 2012 Getty Research Library Grant to carry out research on Hedrick.

I have recently completed a project on art criticism and social media based on the digital output of the MacArthur laureate art critic Dave Hickey. This project resulted in two publications:

Dustbunnies: Dave Hickey’s Online Aphorisms. June 2014­­–March  2015. 2016: PCP Press. 586 pages

Wasted Words: The Essential Dave Hickey Online Compilation. 2016: PCP Press. 124 pages

The books are currently being promoted through a series of in-conversation events with Dave Hickey. Please see CV “invited lectures” section for details.


DRAAW, THE APP is a drawing application for iPhone and iPad sequenced to follow the developments in the history of art. One can only truly understand and empathize with art history’s great visual tactile, perceptual and intellectual complexities by undertaking similar visual exercises and problems. Each activity in DRAAW focuses on a single important art concept, taking the users through the developments in the history of drawing step-by-step, and making learning enjoyable. Not intimidating and requiring no art skills, this app fosters active learning through comprehensive assignments that address landmark achievements in art.