I am currently working on a monograph with provisional title: The Countercultural Case of  Wally Hedrick. For more about the artist see Wally Hedrick Wikipedia entry and his official Estate webpage.

I was awarded the 2012 Getty Research Library Grant to carry out research on Hedrick.

I have recently completed a project on art criticism and social media based on the digital output of the MacArthur laureate art critic Dave Hickey. This project resulted in two publications:

Dustbunnies: Dave Hickey’s Online Aphorisms. June 2014­­–March  2015. 2016: PCP Press. 586 pages

Wasted Words: The Essential Dave Hickey Online Compilation. 2016: PCP Press. 124 pages

The books are currently being promoted through a series of in-conversation events with Dave Hickey. Please see CV “invited lectures” section for details.