2005                 Ph.D. Brown University, History of Art and Architecture, advisor K.S. Champa

1997                  M.A. with distinction, Brown University, History of Art and Architecture

1994                  B.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Russian Literature and Art History


2014–present  Part-time Lecturer in Art History, School of Art, College of the Arts, California State University Long Beach

2014–2015       Research Associate, Department of Art History, University of California, Irvine

2011–2014       Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, ASU, Tempe

2009–11           Assistant Professor in Art History Waseda University, SILS, Tokyo, Japan

2008–09          Honorary Research Associate, Art History Department, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo

 2008–09         Adjunct Faculty in Art History,  Temple University, Japan Campus

2007–08           Pastoral Tutor, Ustinov College, Durham University, UK

 2006–08          Honorary Research Associate, School of Modern Languages & Cultures, Durham University, UK

Spring 2005      Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Syracuse University

2002–04           Instructor, Summer Studies, Brown University

Fall 2001           Teaching Fellow, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Brown University

 1998-2001        Teaching Assistant, Department of Art History and Visual Culture, Rhode Island School of Design

1999-2000        Teaching Assistant, Department of the History of Art and Architecture, Brown University


2012                   Getty Library Research Grant (project: “All Art No Fame: The Countercultural Case of Wally Hedrick”)

2011–12             ASUSU Centennial Professor Award Nomination

2002–03            Salomon Dissertation Fellowship, Brown University

2002                   College Art Association Professional Development Fellowship Honorable Mention

1996                     Summer Internship, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., Curatorial Department, 20th-Century Art

1995–96              Graduate Fellowship, Brown University

1994                     Internship, State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), May–June

1994                     Zillman Summer Fellowship Award (Phi Kappa Phi), UW-Madison


The Countercultural Case of Wally Hedrick. Monograph, in progress


• California art after 1950 and Beat art

• Critical Theory: word and image studies

• Visual studies

• Art Criticism in context

• Artist biographies, art in exile and artistic identities

• Contemporary art in global perspective

• European modernism

• Russian, Soviet, Russian émigré and Post-Soviet art

• Romanticism and its legacy


2011      Beyond Symbolism to Surrealism: Alexei Remizov’s Synthetic Art, Northwestern University Press, 16 color & 46 b/w illustrations


2016      Dustbunnies: Dave Hickey’s Online Aphorisms. June 2014­­–March 2015. PCP Press. 586 pages

2016      Wasted Words: The Essential Dave Hickey Online Compilation. PCP Press. 124 pages


2019      “Isteriia po-siurrealistki” (“Hysteria: The Surrealist Case,”) Aleksei Remizov: Issledovaniia i materialy  (Aleksei Remizov: Research and Materials). Edited by Alla M. Gracheva, Russian Academy of Sciences, forthcoming

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2014      “On Abstraction, Ed Moses, and the Need to Explain”

2014      “Dave Hickey in Los Angeles: Pirate vs. Farmers”

2013      “Miley Cyrus Strikes Again, or the Destruction of the Pendulum”

2013      “From Raku-Fired Vessels to Large-Scale Installations: Wayne Higby’s Ceramics Retrospective at the ASU Art Museum”

2012      “Le Prix Marcel Duchamp récompense-t-il la créativité?”

2012      “Art in ‘Paradise’ (Far From the Art-Industrial Hive)”

2011      “The School of Things”: Japanese Art c. 1970 Comes to Los Angeles

2011      “Turkey with the Side of Ajax: Thanksgiving According to Alice Neel”


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2018     “Contemporary Art: 1978–2018,” OCMA, Visionaries lecture mini-cycle, Spring 2018, 6 lectures

             “Art in the Society of the Spectacle,” OCMA, Visionaries lecture mini-cycle, Winter 2018, 6 lectures

2016-17      Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA. Modern Art lecture cycle, September-January

2016      Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA. Modern Art lecture cycle, June-August

2016     DiRosa Collectors’ Forum “The Countercultural Case of Wally Hedrick,” June 26

2016      Hammer Museum, UCLA, in-conversation event with Dave Hickey, May 11

2016      Site Sant Fe, in-conversation event with Dave Hickey, April 15

2016      Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, “From Printed Page to Facebook Page and Back: Dave Hickey’s Digital (Mis)adventures,” March 31, invited lecture

2016      CAC Las Vegas, March 5, in-conversation event with Dave Hickey

2015      UCI Department of Art History, “Chihiro Kabata and ChimPom respond to Tohoku and Fukushima Disasters,” June 2, invited lecture

2014      ASU Origins Project, “Gustave Courbet’s ‘The Origin of the World’: a Positivist Statement or a Libertine Dream?,” April 7, invited lecture

2013      Salon Spirit of the Senses, “Alexei Remizov,” November 9, invited lecture

2013      Salon Spirit of the Senses, “West Coast Art 1950–2013,” April 20, invited lecture

2012      Phoenix Art Museum, “Sexuality and Violence in Early Modernist Art,” November 30, invited lecture

2012      ASU Museum Herberger Institute Visiting Faculty Series, Current Research Presentation, April 13

2011      The Courtauld Institute of Art, Research Forum Autumn Term 2011, “Alexei Remizov’s Creative Method,” November 24, invited lecture

2011      University of Oregon, Eugene, “Alexei Remizov’s Creative Method,” November 11, invited lecture

2011      Stanford University, Slavic Colloquium Lecture Series, “Alexei Remizov’s Creative Method,” May 4, invited lecture

2011      Arizona State University, Department of Fine Arts, “Art Today” lecture, March 28, invited lecture

2010      Waseda Institute for Advance Study, “Materiality in Contemporary Japanese Art,” November 10, invited lecture

2009      Seminar participant, “Teaching M. Bakhtin,” AATSEEL, Philadelphia, December 28

2008      Ustinov College Research Seminar, Durham University, UK, June 28, invited lecture

2008      Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies, University of Nottingham, “Alexei Remizov’s illustrated albums,” February 4, invited lecture

2007      Seminar co-leader, “Borders of European Modernism,” 9th Annual Conference of the Modernist Studies Association (MSA), USC, Long Beach, November 1–4

2007      “Merezhkovsky on Leonardo,” Author as Critic, BASEES 20th century literature group, Oxford University, September 21–22, invited lecture

2007      “From parsunas to the ‘Black Square’ in 200 years,” series of three invited lectures for the Introduction to Russian Culture module RUSS 1151, 25 January, 8 February, March 15


2013      Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEES) Annual Convention, “Remizov vs. Kandinsky: When Words are not Enough,” for the panel Dreamworlds and Imagetexts: Revolutionary Conjunctures between Literature and Visual Media, Boston, November 25

2013      XXth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA), “Hysteria as a Creative Condition in Alexei Remizov’s Solomoniia,” for the panel Le mouvement symboliste et les maladies mentales, July 18–24

2013      College Art Association (CAA) Annual Conference, “Between Awe and Anger: Young Japanese Artists Respond to Tohoku and Fukushima,” for the panel Disaster and Creativity New York, February 15

2011      “From Pious to Lubricious: The Tale of a Reluctant Wife,” IAWIS/AIERTI 9th International Conference of Word & Image Studies: L’imaginaire / The Imaginary, Montreal, CA, August 22–26

2010      “Tales from the Fourth Dimension and the Cultivation of Dreams,” for the panel Dreams, Illusions, and Russian Modernist Aesthetics, AAASS annual conference, Los Angeles, November 18–21

2007      “Hysteria as Creativity,” The Institute of Russian Literature International Symposium Alexei Remizov and World Culture organized by Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, October 4–6

2006      “Beyond Christianity and Paganism: Merezhkovsky’s Leonardo,” Leonardo da Vinci Society Symposium: Lives of Leonardo, Warburg Institute, London, September 15

2009      “Life Into
 Fiction, Fiction Into Life: the Love and the Sin of Alexei Remizov,” for the panel Living Fiction (organizer), AAASS annual conference, Boston, November 12–15

2009      “Alexei Remizov’s Creative Act,” plenary talk, International Word and Image Conference (IWIC), College of the Holy Cross, 24–26 June

2007      “Manuscript Comics? Alexei Remizov’s Graphic Experiment,” 9th Annual Conference of the Modernist Studies Association (MSA), UC, Long Beach, November 1–4

2007      “The Modernist Games of A. Remizov,” BASEES Annual Conference, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University, 31 March–2 April

2006      “Dispensing with Metaphor: Cézanne’s ‘Large Bathers,’” Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS) Conference, Durham University, July 6–9

2005      Presented at the “Author Business” seminar, 7th Annual Conference of the Modernist Studies Association (MSA), Loyola University, Chicago, IL, November 3–6

2005      “Flourish as the Hook: From Ornamental Texts to Non-Ornamental Drawing,” IAWIS/AIERTI 7th International Conference on Word & Image Studies: Elective Affinities, University of Pennsylvania, PA, September 23–27

2003      “The ‘Change of Instruments’ and Other Excuses: Alexei Remizov as a Drawing Writer,” 56th Annual KFLC conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

2002      “A Modernist Scribe? Remizov’s Illustrated Albums and Russian Manuscript Art,” Third Annual NSGSA Conference, Brown University, Providence, RI

2001      “The Threshold Art of A. Remizov,” AATSEEL annual conference, New Orleans, LA

2001      “Vospriiatie favizma i kubizma v russkoi kritike kontza 19go, nachala 20go veka.”  (“The Reception of Fauvism and Cubism in Turn-of-the-Century Russian Criticism”) Norwich Slavic Conference “The End of a Century as a Cultural Phenomenon,” Middlebury College, VT

2000      “Shamanism and Modernism: Remizov’s Siberian Tale,” VI ICCEES World Congress, Tampere, Finland

1997      “A Call for Unity: On the Ecumenical Theme in the Bronckhorst-Bosschuyse Triptych,” Sixteenth-Century Studies, Atlanta, GA


• Art History Survey: Renaissance to Contemporary (introductory lecture course)

• Costume in Painting (introductory lecture course)

• Art of the 20th Century I (introductory/intermediate lecture course)

• Romanticism in the Arts 1790-1907 (intermediate lecture course)

• Nineteenth Century Art and Visual Culture (intermediate lecture course)

• Early 20th Century Art (intermediate lecture course)

• Russian Avant-Garde (intermediate lecture course)

• From Paris to Oslo: European Art 1850–1900 (advanced lecture course)

• Art in Europe and America after 1945 (advanced lecture course)

• European Avant-Garde 1900–1925 (advanced lecture course)

• Art of Romanticism, (seminar)

• Reading and Writing Art History: Methodology and Practice  (seminar)

• Russian Modernism in the Arts 1890–1930 (seminar)

• Russian Conceptualism 1960–Present (seminar)

• Beat and Beyond: San Francisco Art 1950–2000, (seminar)

• West Coast Art 1950–2013 (seminar)

• Theories of Contemporary Art (seminar)

• Art and Design Criticism (seminar)


2012      Phoenix Art Museum, juried Contemporary Art Forum Awards for 2012 in mid-career and emerging artists, April 16

2012      Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Harry Wood Gallery, juried the Summer Show April 14

2009–11 College Admissions Committee, School for International Liberal Studies, Waseda University

2009–11      Entrance examination grader and proctor, School for International Liberal Studies, Waseda     University


2016      Jamie Brooks Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA, Curated Forrest Solis: Sleepers Redux exhibition, September 15–October 26

2011      Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore ICAS, Curated the exhibition Chihiro Kabata: flight/fear/fleeting. April 7–May 6, Singapore

2011      The Container, Tokyo, Japan. Curated Anything But, exhibition of LG Williams/Estate of LG Williams, June 6–August 30

2000      Gallery Proctor, RISD Museum, Department of Prints and Drawings, Spring Term

1997      Curatorial Assistant, Bell Gallery, Brown University, 1996–1997. Curated the exhibition State vs. Individual: A Selection of Soviet Posters from the Bell Gallery, Brown University, January 31–March 14

1996      Intern, National Gallery of Art Washington DC, Curatorial Department, 20th-century Art. Wrote the wall texts for the exhibition Picasso: The Early Years, June–August

1996      Co-curated an exhibition of Chinese pottery held at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, entries on Cizhou ware, April–July

1994      Intern, State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg, Dept. of Northern European Prints, May–June

1991–94      Gallery Assistant, Spaightwood Galleries, Madison, WI


AAH (Association of Art Historians)

AHSC (Art Historians of Southern California)

CAA (College Art Association)

IAWIS (International Association of Word & Image Studies)

MSA (Modernist Studies Association)

The Society of Historians of East European and Russian Art and Architecture (SHERA)