Kunst Oktoberfest’10

Akio Ohmori, Wolpertinger in the Full Moon, 2007, h 24 x w 24 x d 5 cm, Bronze and stainless steel. Lower Akihabara Gallery.

No in-depth analyses this time around, just a few pictures from the route:

The weather was dramatically wet—Tokyo was hit by a typhoon on that day.

Dungeon space at Lower Akihabara gallery (East End Route).

Same location.

Cool crowd at the Motus Fort (East End Route).

Exhibition of young Asian artists at Keumsan Gallery Tokyo (East End Route).

Gallery Hashimoto (East End Route). Kentaro Kawabata’s drawing and ceramics.

nca/nichido contemporary art (Nihombashi Route).

The show there is “Pictures on Paper” by Vik Muniz.

GALERIE SHO Contemporary Art (Nihombashi Route)


ARATANIURANO—installation view of Takahiro Iwasaki’s “Phenotypic Remodeling” show.

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