ARTFORUM Critics’ Picks: Shinro Ohtake

Beach 8
Oil, oilstick, acrylic, printed matter, color copy, sticker, sand, seeds, varnish, metal and acrylic board in custom frame
42.8 x 35.3 cm

Courtesy of Take Ninagawa and the artist

My review of Shinro Ohtake’s “Shell & Occupy 4” is now up on the Artforum page.

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  1. zusa says:

    I very much enjoyed your brief review of Shinro Ohtake's work but I wonder about whether 'color is the starting point.' Arguably, color serves in a manner that is quite the opposite or at least in tension with memory – as you indicate towards the close of your review. Memory threatens to overwhelm the artist, color serves to invoke but contain memory by virtue of its aesthetic properties.

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