Wayne Thiebaud’s “100 Year Old Clown”

Wayne Thiebaud, 100 Year-old Clown, 2020
Oil on canvas, 18 x 14 inches
2020 © Wayne Thiebaud/VAGA at ARS, NY
According to Wayne Thiebaud, his latest painting, which he cheekily named “100 Year-old clown,” is the summation of his clown series that has been in the works for the last five years. “Clowns” will be exhibited at the Laguna Art Museum December 6, 2020–April 4, 2012. My article “Past continuous” about the painting and its role in Thiebaud’s oeuvre was just published by The New Criterion.

An essay-length version of this article is forthcoming in the catalogue for the LAM “Wayne Thiebaud: Clowns” exhibition.