SHIBUHOUSE at The Container Gallery


Nako-Meguro’s hip gallery The Container will celebrate its one-year anniversary by hosting the first solo show of the young Japanese collective SHIBUHOUSE. The show, entitled “House 100,” will open with live performances by Jack McLean and Martijn Kluit May 21.

Since its founding early last March The Container’s director Shai Ohayon ran a program of well received exhibitions that featured the works of local and visiting artists such as Jack McLean, LG Williams/Estate of LG Williams and Chim↑Pom. Japan Times, Tokyo Art Beat, Metropolis, Time Out Tokyo, Glass Magazine and CNNgo reviewed or reported on The Container’s activities. I wrote about the inaugural show Salt Mine for

The gallery press release describes “House 100” as a performative exhibition, that will consist of a series of interviews that will be conducted with the members of the collective over the course of the show. Here is more about the show from the press release:

Shibuhouse is a young loose collective from Tokyo Japan which was formed in 2008 and includes 20-some members. The members, who are engaged in various disciplines – from visual art practitioners, to medical students, publishers, producers, designers, film makers and musicians – all share a house together in the busy neighbourhood of Shibuya in central Tokyo.

Their interventions (such as “Bad Cloth” in 2010, which prompted the involvement of the police and the Yakuza) and their monthly house parties on the 22nd of each month, have earned the collective local notoriety and a new approach to the discourse about the relation between art and life, blurring the distinction between one’s personal life and conventional art practices.

The young loose-collective which was formed in 2008 and explores the notion of art through their shared residence in the central Tokyo neighbourhood Shibuya, gives us an opportunity to consider the borders between acts of art and simply living, through a series of interviews they are conducting for the duration of the exhibition. The interviewees are a range of artists, designers, musicians and professionals the collective selected as figures of inspiration.

The Container is set up for the duration of the exhibition as an office, or an external representation of the collective’s residence, hosting the guests and enabling members of Shibuhouse to hang out with them in an informal environment that seeks to investigate the ideas of what is a house or home, what is a family and how these subjective definitions contribute to, or facilitate, artistic production.

The interviews, which will all be conducted inside of the actual container, will be broadcast live on the internet, with additional information and a synopsis available online through the collective’s blog and twitter account. A copy of each broadcast will remain permanently online.

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