Nagoya: Gallery IDF

Rie Wakiyachi, Here and There 116.7×116.7cm (S50) パネルにミクスドメディア 2011. Image courtesy of the gallery.

Located in the outskirts of Nagoya is Gallery IDF, one of the leading figures in the Nagoya contemporary art scene. Their current “New! Artists Preview” features four artists with sparkling talent, two of which have been part of ULTRA 003 last year. A variety of works line their walls: The man-faced crows by Rie Wakiyachi done simply with strong, flat colors exudes a silence that at once draws in and repels the viewer. Contrastingly, colorful scenes from the circus by Kashiwabara depict light-hearted playfulness. Stain-like silhouettes of girls in blue and green peek out from Aiko Konomi’s canvases while Ooishi provide two-toned abstractions. These earmarked artists we will probably see more of in Tokyo too.

by Chisako Izuhara

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