Tokyo Metro Manners Posters

The new Tokyo Metro manners poster is out. This one is about helping an old lady to get her parcel off the luggage shelf. It might now be as entertaining as a 2009 poster of a hammered salaryman surrounded by beer cans, or a 2010 one with an obliging dude sporting an afro, a hawaiian shirt and a pair of getas, he getting ready to haul a heavy suitcase for a grandma with a newborn; but, all the usual tropes are in place: gawking (approving/disapproving) bystander, vaguely foreign-looking woman who is learning her good manners, a local in need of help or consideration. The inscriptions vary between “Please do it again” (approved behaviors) and “Please do it at home” (disapproved behaviors). This series, that has been running since 2008 trumps multiple other manner posters with its bold graphics golden yellow background, Ben-day dots, and laconic yet contrived subject matter . You can browse older posters here. Follow the link to the Japanese language site and click on 2008, 2009, and 2010.

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