Yoshitomo Nara: Ceramic Works

Yoshitomo Nara
White Riot

h.278 x w.176 x d.126 cm
If you have not seen it yet, Tomio Koyama gallery is showing Nara’s recent experimentation with ceramics. The seventh floor gallery features a selection of oversized sculpture. White Riot takes up the smaller gallery on the left, it sort of springs up at the viewer as they enter the room. The vast space next door houses three oversized heads decorated with platinum, gold and silver liquid, one even sporting a colorful fabric scarf. The gallery on the sixth is filled with inscribed pottery in black and white design. Here too, the objects are shaped as figurines (or vice versa), and the tongue-in-cheek inscriptions serve as a legend to these ghoulish but cute characters.

This exhibition will be on view through June 19th.

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