Gallery αM: "Complex Circuit" Vol. 1. by Yukihiro Taguchi

Contact Zone by Yukihiro Taguchi: installation view, main gallery

Last Saturday Gallery aαM inaugurated the first in the series of six shows united under the name of “Complex Circuit.” The first artist is Yukihiro Taguchi, a Geidai graduate based in Berlin. Taguchi describes his work as performative installation. This exhibition consists of an installation of (locally) found objects, a video set up of a stop-frame animation showing the assemblage process, and several projectors that allow to generate shadows that are, perhaps, the main subject of the show. During my visit to the gallery the artist, along with several friends and assistants, held a circle performance, very much in he spirit of Fluxus.

The performative aspect is crucial to the project: Taguchi will keep rearranging the environment for the duration of the show. His other recent work involves experimentation with various materials including a collaborative fabric installation with the fashion designer Vladimir Karaleev (Fabric/k, 2008), a deconstructed performative installation of floor boards fitted in and around a building in Berlin (Moment, 2007), and another one produced out of air ducts (Nest, 2008). I found his approach very “constructivist,” it seems to me that Taguchi’s work is driven, to a large degree, by materials. When compared with the recent projects from Berlin, this installation strikes as precise and gritty at once reflecting the clash of intricate optics and humble salvaged objects that are made to coexist in the same space.

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