John Warwicker "for john cage (la mer)—the Floating World"

Installation view, wall drawing , 7-9 April 2010. This drawing is generated by tracing the movement of the visitors during the installation process.
John Warwicker, a known as a typographer/graphic designer is holding his first painting show at the G/P Gallery (NADiff location, 2nd floor). There were six groups of works ranging from a live wall-size drawing he performed during the installation (it transcribed the movement of the people around the gallery), to the digital prints of punctuation marks in Wittgenstein’s “Tractus Logico-Philosophicus.” Some pieces reference John Cage’s “La mer,” Kurosawa’s and Truffaut’s films and actual geographical locations—all are graphic notations of sounds and movement. A beautiful and coherent installation made specifically for this gallery, a “must see,” in my my opinion.

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