Recent Openings: Hiromi Yoshii Gallery

Enlightenment, Last Café, installation shot, image courtesy of Hiromi Yoshii gallery

Last Friday Hiromi Yoshii Gallery inaugurated an interesting group show. Aya Ohki’s and Shinya Inoue’s powerful and yet visually restrained works make a nice contrast with Enlightenment’s Last Café installation (part of his AD 2010 show). The artist’s spacial games continue the tradition of Op Art, but present them in the context of a larger installation installation. Of course, the cafe theme is a new twist on a old theme of actual dining tables that relate to the mega-famous painted one on the back wall of Santa Maria delle Grazie refectory in Milan.
The other small room had Shinya Inoue’s video installations “Rotating ballpoint pen dance” (2008), “Moving Moon (2010), and “Jupiter, Venus and Crescent (2009).

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