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Nagoya: APA Gallery Group Show

Installation view. Image courtesy of the gallery. Installation view. Image courtesy of the gallery. Gallery APA is a unique venue with an ancient well in the center of the room. It specializes in promoting upcoming Aichi artists. Their show until February 13 titled “UN-UNISON” presented works by five graduate art students in their first year. […]

Kyoto Openings: “In Absentia” LG Williams at Super Window Project

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Michael Graham “Ancient Times”

Homunculus, 1996, bronze 33 x 53 cm. Image courtesy of the artist. The Pink Cow in Shibuya is now holding a show by the Tokyo-based artist Michael Graham. You can see more work on the artist website. For the venue click here. The show is on through the end of this month.

Closing Party for WAKUWAKU SHIBUYA

If you have not seen the WAKUWAKU SHIBUYA at the Tokyo Wonder Site yet this is your last chance. The TWS is holding their closing event on Sunday, February 13. Click here for more details.

Clear Your Calendars: TOKYO FRONTLINE at 3331 Arts Chiyoda

TOKYO FRONTLINE is the new contemporary art and photography fair scheduled to open in the 3331 Arts Chiyoda on February 17th and run throughout the weekend. According to the press release the new artfair will consists of three sections. 1. THE FRONTLINE will be showcasing young artists both represented by galleries (Tomoko Atsuchi of TARO […]

Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo – Vernissage

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LG Williams “Salaryman/Superman” at Tana Gallery Bookshelf

LG Williams, Salaryman/Superman, 2011, installation view Tana’s director Tamura Williams’s Kyoto Gallery dealer Baron Osuna of Super Window Project (right) and Williams’s Tokyo Gallery dealer Tamura (left) Still independent curator Shai Ohayon and Beatriz Inglessis The SHIBUHOUSE gang from left to right: Nakajima-san (aka DOPE MAN), Toshikuni-san and TAIKI-SAN (the 3rd house leader) Tana’s latest […]


Image courtesy of AES + F A Russian collective AES + F has finally made it to Tokyo. Their first show is being hosted by the Hong-Kong based Art Statements gallery. The group of four artists (Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovitch, Evgeny Sviatsky and Vladimir Fridkes) have been in business since 1987, surviving the now-booming, now-dead Russian […]

Take Ninagawa Opening

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Sachiko Muraoka at Ai Kawada gallery

“sleep on the ground,” oil on cotton, 1620 x 1303mm, 2010 One of the latest additions to the Kyosumi-Shirakawa art complex Ai Kawada Gallery is showing the new works by a young painter Sachiko Muraoka. The exhibition, entitled “weather report” brings together five paintings where flickers of color paint against dark, velvety background (she uses […]