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Masahiro Sekiguchi “reverse/revolve/repeat”


Opens February 19th at Nanzuka Underground.

Mancy’s Art Night: February 19th & 20th

This two-day art fair starts at 3pm and will run until midnight. The opening party is at 9:00 pm tonight. Local exhibitors include nca/nichido contemporary art, Galerie Sho Contemporary Art, Gallery Terra Tokyo, Gallery Tagboat, YUKA CONTEMPORARY and Wada Fine Arts. Please visit the venue site for more information.

Tonight: Matthew Darbyshire “Dwell” at Taro Nasu

Installation view “Blades House” Gasworks, London. Image courtesy of the gallery. Reception for the artist from 6 to 8. Exhibition will be on through March 19th. Click here for gallery site.

SHIBUHOUSE YouTube Trailer

Pyramide Building Galleries: Opening Event This Friday

Nobuyoshi Araki, “Theater of Love”c.1965, B & W Print, print size: 12.1 x 16.4 cm. Image courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery Attention Tokyo art lovers: hiromiyoshii, Ota Fine Art, Taka Ishii, Wako Works of Art, and Zen Foto are opening new branches (Taka Ishii, hiromiyoshii, Wako Works of Art) or moving (Ota Fine Art, Zen Foto) to the […]


During the G-TOKYO extravaganza at the Mori Museum the younger galleries that form the NEW TOKYO CONTEMPORARIES consortium will be holding their own day-long event. Scheduled for February 19th, the event is comprised of a day long exhibition of the artists represented by the seven galleries (Ken Sasaki (AOYAMA l MEGURO), Tatzu Nishi (ARATANIURANO), Masayoshi Hanawa (ZENSHI), Dale […]

Clear Your Calendars: G-TOKYO 2011

Alfredo Jaar Solo Exhibition, Kenji Taki Gallery The most anticipated Tokyo art fair of the year is just around the corner. G-TOKYO 2011, no in its second year, will again be held at the Mori Arts Center Gallery where leading commercial galleries in town will compete for attention. This year the event will incorporate the […]

Lee Ufan Exhibition Review

I am reposting an interesting review of the Lee Ufan show at SCAI THE BATHOUSE published by the Tokyo Weekender.

Eitoeiko: “The Moment at the Moment”

Installation view, image courtesy of the gallery The Eitoiko gallery/foundation is now holding a group show of the works by Takahiro Nagasawa, Ryuhei Takada (unit.maker) and Yuki Hashimoto. This show will be on through March 19th.