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CLOSED By LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams At Super Window Project, Kyoto, Japan

On November 19th, Baron Osuna’s Super Window Project launched CLOSED, their first solo show of the Los Angeles artist LG Williams / The Estate Of LG Williams. I was traveling at the time of the opening and could not be at the event so this posting is necessarily delayed. Here are some links from the […]

Takanobu Kobayashi and the Opening of UNU Weekend Museum

Johnnie Walker of A.R.T. curated the inaugural exhibition at the newly opened Weekend Museum based at the United Nations University in Omotesando. The first artist to be presented was Takanobu Kobayashi whose monosyllabic canvases served a as backdrop for the opening of Tokyo’s newest museum of contemporary art. Johnnie Walker with Julia Friedman. Here are […]

Yukio Mishima: 40th Anniversary of Death

Last Thursday, November 25th, marked the 40th anniversary of Mishima’s suicide. Unfortunately, I could not be at the event (I just returned from LA and had to be in the lecture on the day), but Jeffrey Chiedo of Motus Fort kindly shared the pictures he took. I am posting a selection below.

MAM project: Katerina Seda

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Motohiko Odani: “Phantom Limb” Opening

The preview crowd. The artist and the exhibition curator, Natsumi Araki, presenting the show.

“Ornaments” Daisuke Nakayama at Kodama

Images courtesy of the gallery. In his new exhibition at the Kodama gallery Nakayama works with early Modernist landscapes and still lifes (think Cézanne), presented and framed as they would be at the turn of the twentieth century, adding geometric fragments of brightly-colored tape. The effect is very interesting, not in the least because it […]

Kenji Yanobe “Levitation” at YAMAMOTO GENDAI

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Kyoto Openings: Taka Ishii and TKG Editions

Jeffrey Rosen and Julia Friedman with Lisa Lapinski’s Tobacco Camel, 2010. Plastic foam, adhesive, Tops and Bali Shag Tobacco, 134.6(L) x 33(W) x 106.7(H) cm Taka Ishii Kyoto branch is now showing the new work of a Los Angeles artist Lisa Lapinski. The exhibition, entitled “Th th th th th Snow White”  is more complicated than one […]

ARTFORUM Critics’ Picks: “Taiji Matsue”

Taiji Matsue, ANF 100465, 2010, HD video, © TAIJI MATSUE 2010 Courtesy of TARO NASU My review of Taiji Matsue’s “Survey of Time” exhibition at the Taro Nasu gallery has just been posted on Artforum website. The show features the photographer’s latest work—HD color videos, along with a selection of vintage prints. You can see it through November 20th.

Vik Muniz “Pictures of Paper”

The Great Turf, after Dürer, 2010, Digital C-print, 136.3 x 101.6. Image courtesy of the gallery. Nichido Contemporary Art is exhibiting the latest work of Vik Muniz. The eight compositions on display interpret different points on geographical and chronological maps of art history through the aesthetic prism of ukiyo-e prints. Hiroshige, Harunobu, Hokusai, Willem van Aelst, […]