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During the G-TOKYO extravaganza at the Mori Museum the younger galleries that form the NEW TOKYO CONTEMPORARIES consortium will be holding their own day-long event. Scheduled for February 19th, the event is comprised of a day long exhibition of the artists represented by the seven galleries (Ken Sasaki (AOYAMA l MEGURO), Tatzu Nishi (ARATANIURANO), Masayoshi Hanawa (ZENSHI), Dale […]

New Tokyo Contemporaries 3

Starting January 26th (and though February 21) a group of young but important galleries known as the New Tokyo Contemporaries will hold a series of events and exhibitions related to the theme of contemporary culture and business. Among the participating galleries are: AOYAMA/MEGURO, ARATANIURANO, Take Ninagawa, ZENSHI, MISAKO & ROSEN and Yuka Sashahara Gallery. Lotte […]

Openings: 1LDK x Lotte Lyon

Aoyama/Meguro gallery’s opening reception for Lotte Lyon (in the foreground), was one of the busiest I have seen so far. The artist, now on the Austrian government residency fellowship in Japan, was showing a recent selection of photographs and drawings. The centerpiece of the installation is a plywood model—a prototype of an earlier exhibition venue […]