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Closing Party for WAKUWAKU SHIBUYA

If you have not seen the WAKUWAKU SHIBUYA at the Tokyo Wonder Site yet this is your last chance. The TWS is holding their closing event on Sunday, February 13. Click here for more details.

WAKUWAKU SHIBUYA presented by Ichiro Endo

This TWS exhibition, curated by Endo Ichiro, opened January 13th with a series of performances (see pictures below). It will be on through February 13th. Click here for official press release.

Art and Fashion

The designer shows of the Japan Fashion Week ranged from Yukii Torii’s über-conservative society wares, to GalaabenD’s androgynous militarized chick, to Yoshikazu Yamagata’s Old Testament couture. In every case the audience, many dressed by the presenting designer, reinforced the brand’s message. There was no confusing the manicured luxury brands-clad crowd at Yukii Torii with the […]