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My essay “The Invisible Cosmology of Chihiro Kabata” is out in print

LASALLE College of the Arts’ Institute of Contemporary Art in Singapore (ICAS) just published the first issue of their new magazine Glossary. Among the essays in the volume is my article on Chihiro Kabata, I co-curated an exhibition of her work at ICAS last Spring. . 

Chihiro Kabata: fear/flight/fleeting At Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore — Curated By Julia Friedman

Chihiro Kabata at Gallery αM

Gallery αM is holding a show of its MFA graduate Chihiro Kabata. The exhibition Stratosphere—Tracing the “Self” is curated by Masayuki Tanaka. It will open tomorrow, April 2nd and go on through May 7. I wrote about Kabata’s ball point pen paintings and sculpture on several occasions (see blog archive), and I am delighted to see […]

Chihiro Kabata "事象の地平線 /Event Horizon"

Chihiro Kabata is showing her latest work (yes, she is very prolific!) at Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery. While every work in the show is done in her trademark purple ink, there are two interesting new developments. First, there is a small work where the markings are linear so that their ball-point origin is not immediately apparent. […]

Chihiro Kabata/Yuuri Kabata "Miniature Garden and Schwarzer Wald: Simulacra and Blind Illusion"

Installation view. Left: Chihiro Kabata. Right: Yuuri Kabata. The Art Front Gallery is now holding an exhibition of the works made by two sisters: Chihiro and Yuuri Kabata. The two share a studio and their work may well be seen as a creative dialogue that scrutinizes color and space. The majority of the works are […]