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This Saturday: Shirokane Art Complex Joint Exhibition

Kodama Gallery, Nanzuka Underground, Yamamoto Gendai and London Gallery will be welcoming you to “Shuffle,” Shirokane Art Complex joint Exhibition. The reception will be held April 2, 5 to 8.   

Shirokane Art Complex Openings

The first exhibitions of the new year in the Shirokane art complex were a bit underwhelming. Kodama gallery held a group show “ignore your perspective 11” featuring the works of Sunao Horikawa, Masahiro Sekiguchi, Keisuke Sugimoto, Hidekazu Tanaka, Mayuko Wada and Shuhei Yagi. Some of the artists represented were moved up in the ranks from the […]

Recent Openings: Yamamoto Gendai

This was my first encounter with Erina Matsui’s whimsical works; her solo show “One-touch Time Machine” is on view at Yamamoto Gendai through May 1. The young artist creates a carnivalesque universe where the lips on a giant face are transforming into slimy mushrooms right before our eyes, heads grow out of the ground, and […]